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 What Secret Programming Language Powers the Web?
Itís a highly dynamic, fully capable Web programming language and is compatible with just about every single browser ever invented, itís lightweight, fast, and almost never, ever crashes? Neither Microsoft nor Sun is hyping it, yet everyone in the know is using it. Itís not a buzzword like JavaScript or ActiveX. Itís been a proven technology since the beginning of the web. Until now only hardcore Web developers, have even heard of Practical Extraction and Report Language, or "perl." If you're feeling academic in the head, you can study the origins and benefits of perl. However, since you've already found the FreePerlCode.com site we assume that you already understand a little more about perl and ready to start right in. 

Well start with a little clarification about the difference between CGI and perl. CGI refers to Common Gateway Interface, a means by which Web servers talk to external programs, which in turn send processed results back to the server, which then sends them to you. CGI programs can be written in any programming language, but are most frequently written in perl or C++. 

When Would I Use Perl? 
The biggest difference between using perl/cgi and a solution like JavaScript is that perl does its work on the server side, rather than inside the browser. After a perl script runs, its results Ė usually in HTML format Ė are sent back to the browser as a complete document. Peril's advantages are that it can do heavy lifting on fast machines, it can process information that resides on the server itself, and because it returns completed HTML documents, doesn't require any special plug-ins or capabilities on the part of the user. That's why things like search engines often use perl Ė the searchable database resides on the server, not on your machine. As its name implies, Perl also happens to excel at text processing. 

Perl is also usually behind the scenes at sites that include page-hit counters, ad banners, guest books, message boards, online forms, interactived databases, and more. All of which you will find right here and all for FREE too!

Why Haven't I Heard More About Perl?
It's pretty simple really. No one makes money from sale of the perl language. It is freeware. Although it's been powering the web for years, it's really not to any ones advantage to let the world know about it. However, in spite of all this Perl continues to gain acceptance across the web. 

Another reason you may not be the aware of perl is that it grew up on Unix. It grew up right long side of the Internet, which is probably why it's such a nice fit.

How Do I Install A Perl Script?
Before you think about installing a Perl script you must make sure that you are able to run a Perl script on your site. Also youíll need some basic software tools. More...

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