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Click Trackers (9)
Tracks the number of clicks on a link
Counters (55)
Count the visitors to your web site.
Log Analysis (20)
Log Analysis Tools
Referer (3)
Referer Log Analysis

  • FruitLOG - FruitLOG will keep track of all the visitors on your site, using Server Side Includes. This is a very basic logging program but has a few good features. There are two separate log pages. One of them will list every single hit you get, show the domain name of the person who visited and tell you what URL they were on when they clicked to your page. The second log page is a list of clickable URLs. Everytime someone comes to your page, the URL they were at before being on your page will be listed here and you can click on it to see what kind of people are making links to your page. This log also weeds out all the stuff you don't really care about, such as hits from your own pages, people clicking on a link in their own bookmarks, search engine queries and clicks through people's private e-mail and usenet posts. (All of that is optional, of course.) (Added: 20-Feb-1999 Hits: 1611)
  • FTP Logger - Small Perl program to analyze WU-FTPd logfiles by making HTTP reports on times file has been accssed. When you choose the file you get statistics on that file as well. (Added: 6-Jul-1999 Hits: 890)
  • G.Stats - A good way to track the visitors to your webpages. Uses SSI or Javascript. (Added: 12-May-2001 Hits: 1140)
  • Hit Detective - Hit Detective is a collection of scripts that keep track of your hits by recording where each hit came from and more. (Added: 15-Dec-1999 Hits: 1343)
  • HTMLfixIT Statistical hit counter - The Stats counter is a hit counter that does not require SSI to operate, it's invisable and it collects data from your visitors like Screen resolution, Browser version/type, operating system and refering pages (and unique/non unique page counts). All of which is displayed in a password protected admin page. The script is written with Taint mode and strictures. As an added benefit it can capture data normally blocked by software firewalls. (Added: 26-May-2003 Hits: 679)

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Perl/CGI programmers, start making money today!

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