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FREE Perl Code: Tests and Quizes
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  • quiz script - Use questions that are multiple choice, select boxes or text boxes with this script, too. (Added: 15-Dec-1999 Hits: 3830)
  • QuizTest - Web-based multiple-choice/short-answer quiz generator and grader. Allows multiple instructors, timed quizzes, password-protected quizzes, detailed statistics of quiz results, create/edit/delete quizzes online and more. (Added: 1-Mar-2004 Hits: 1073)
  • RandomQuiz - RandomQuiz lets you set up a database of multiple-choice or true/false questions. It will then randomly pull questions from the database, randomize the questions and answers, and create individual quizzes using cookies to make sure that the same person never sees the same quiz more than once. Can email results to the instructor. (Added: 1-Mar-2004 Hits: 827)
  • SFESurvey - Lets you create a survey-type quiz online similar to a personality profile. Used for entertainment such as "What Muppet are you" or "What Rugrats Character are you" as well as "Are you at risk for alcoholism," SFESurvey uses weighted answers which are tabulated into a final overall score. (Added: 1-Mar-2004 Hits: 621)

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