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Get your project done quickly!

FREE Perl Code: Survey and Voting
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  • Mailmatic - Survey enables users to score website features 1 to 10, signup for mailing lists, add comments, view online running totals. Manager composes and sends Email to all or selected recipients. (Added: 28-Oct-1998 Hits: 1539)
  • Petition - New! Allow your web visitors to sign a petition with their real signature. Need real signatures? No problem! This script makes use of a free Java drawing applet allowing your signees to scribble their John Hancock with a mouse! How cool is that? (Added: 22-Aug-2005 Hits: 266)
  • Poll It - Poll It version 2.0 by CGI World is our most recent upgrade to our FREE Poll It version 1.0. Supports pulling polls into other HTML pages such as major sports sites do, as well as checking for double voting & displaying real time bar graph stats. (Added: 28-Oct-1998 Hits: 3547)
  • Poll Now - This is a polling script. With this script, you can have an unlimited number of polls. The script also logs the voter's IP in order to prevent cheating. If features a 'See Results without voting' option, and it is template-based for easy customization. (Added: 3-Jul-2000 Hits: 2499)
  • Poll Now (SSI) - This polling script allows you to only conduct one poll at a time. The script also logs the voter's IP in order to prevent cheating. It requires Server Side Includes (SSI). (Added: 27-Jul-2000 Hits: 1404)

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