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CGI Gurus Needed At Once!
CGI Gurus Needed At Once!

FREE Perl Code: Remote Site Management
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Custom Start Pages (1)
Let your users create custom start pages
Dynamic Content (11)
Add, modify and delete content right from your web site with your browser
FAQ Generation (0)
Add, modify and delete FAQ's right from your web site with your
File Download (11)
Remote Site Management : File Download
File Upload (5)
Allows users to upload files via a Netscape 2.0+ browsers

  • Add2File - Add2File is a simple yet useful script. It allows you to add text or html to any file on your server by filling in one form field. This script is great for search engine or random link database updating. Add2File is only one script and is very easy to set up. There are only a couple variables you have to change. (Added: 25-Oct-1999 Hits: 1729)
  • AdminPro - AdminPro is the only web application in the world that to upload, download, rename, chmod, delete, open, edit and save files, create, rename and remove directories - plus two-click CGI debugging - No need for shell access. No command-line script debugging. No separate text editors or FTP software. Perform all your routine CGI programming and site development tasks in your favorite web browser from any platform or operating system. (Added: 29-Apr-2003 Hits: 1982)
  • Archive It! - Archive It! - the fastest and easiest way to backup your web site. Standard zip type archives. Selection of directories and files to be archived. Password protection of script. (Added: 2-Oct-1999 Hits: 1704)
  • Cog - Cog is a themeable and modularised intranet homepage written in perl. The aim is to make almost every aspect configurable via the web interface to give the user the freedom of choice. Many users each with a separate configuration and password are supported. Applets such as search, todo, news and links are included along with several themes. (Added: 10-May-2000 Hits: 1542)
  • Control Panel - Control Panel 2.0 is a Web Site Administration program that allows your users to add, edit, upload, and manage their web pages and e-mail addresses. (Added: 18-Mar-2000 Hits: 3019)

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Perl/CGI programmers, start making money today!
Perl/CGI programmers, start making money today!

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