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Get your project done quickly!

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HTML Convertors (1)
HTML Convertors

  • HTMLThumbnail - HTMLThumbnail is a Perl script that generates 'Thumbnail sheets' for GIF and JPG images. Feature laden and the thumbnails are typically 1-2% of the byte count of the originals. (Requires some additional utilities you can get for free on the net - pointers provided).
    Version 1.1.3 provides some fixes to improve portability, a minor bug fix for image link border thickness, adds the ability to thumbnail any image type 'anytopnm' can convert and allows you to ouput the final icon rotated.
    (Added: 24-Apr-1999 Hits: 3576)
  • PerlBlog - A unique weblog script created entirely in Perl, offering developers a wide variety and range of flexibility in unparalleled content management resources. Includes integrated commenting and archiving system and dual layer posting protection. (Added: 12-Mar-2005 Hits: 553)
  • The Editor - The Editor is a full-featured news post that is capable of maintaining anything from a small website news section to a fully-fledged magazine. It allows for multiple reporters, adding editing and deletion of articles, allows html, auto activation and deletion, article icons, new icons, fancy capitalization effects, unlimited categories plus loads more features. The Editor comes with three versions: A script controlled version which has loads of customizing features, an SSI version where individual features can be called and a template version with special plug in codes for each of the scripts features. (Added: 9-Sep-2001 Hits: 2312)
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