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FREE Perl Code: GreetingCards and Postcards
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  • AnyEcard - AnyEcard is a total e-greeting solution for your Web site. Key features for users include: Users can upload their own image files to create cards, The uploaded images are automatically scaled to an optimal size, Send the same card to multiple recipients at once, with card title and memo customizable individually, Sender will receive confirmation e-mail when recipient picks up the card, Personalize the card by choosing background color, dancing title text, and adding snow or lake special effects, and Ecards are organized in unlimited levels of categories and sub categories. Admin functions include: Add or delete categories, Configure category page, such as header. footer, style, etc., Add cards, uploaded image files are automatically scaled, and thumbnails created, Modify cards, including changing description and image, Add a card from existing cards to another category, and Delist a card from a category, or permanently delete a card. pop (Added: 28-May-2000 Hits: 8267)
  • BNB Virtual Greeting Card Server Script - Simple to maintain and customize, and fairly easy to install the virtual card script: supports an unlimited number of card creation pages, midi music, card preview, background colors and images, text colors and more. Old cards are automatically purged. This script is written in PERL5 for Unix and Windows servers! pop (Added: 10-Nov-1998 Hits: 8103)
  • electronic postcards - Lets you offering postcards from your site in a variety of formats. Your users can write their message directly into the picture (GIF, JPEG or PNG) in different fonts and mail the picture postcard to their friend, rather than sending them across the web. pop (Added: 27-Mar-1999 Hits: 10702)
  • BIS Postcard version 1.0b6 - Perl script that lets users create an HTML postcard from a web page, and then sends the address of the postcard by email. Postcards are kept in a database which allows recipients to retrieve their postcards. (Added: 28-Oct-1998 Hits: 3538)
  • Confirmer.cgi - This program is a nifty little addition to Bruce's famous CARD.CGI script. This program will send a confirmation message to the sender when their card is picked up. Even if they are previewing the card that they just created, they will get a confirmation. (Added: 21-May-2000 Hits: 1694)

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