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CGI Gurus Needed At Once!
CGI Gurus Needed At Once!

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  • dater.pl - A little script for displaying images in depency of the date. Easy to modify. (Added: 11-Nov-1999 Hits: 2113)
  • DJ Rotator - This script allows you to display an image on your site based on the day of the week and the hour of the day. Specifically designed for radio stations so that an image of the On-Air DJ could be displayed on the site in real-time. Free for personal use or $20 registration fee for commercial use. (Added: 28-Jun-2001 Hits: 1547)
  • dypicgen - dypicgen allows you to easily create dynamic picture galleries. It features template-driven easy customization for the look and feel of your site. After you have configured the initialization file, just point it to a root directory and dypicgen takes care of the rest. dypicgen also allows for captions for each of your images and paginating of galleries. All of this can be altered by using DCI. A web based interface that allows you to alter everything from one location. Also bundled with dypicgen is allThumbs. Using Java, you point allThumbs to a directory and it will create thumbnail versions of your images for you. (Added: 22-Jun-2001 Hits: 2293)
  • gifsize - This is a simple Perl script that returns an img src tag containing the width and height of a gif image. This subroutine can be used to automatically include gif sizes in the posted newspapers, rotating advertisements from the ad server, etc. (Added: 23-Apr-2000 Hits: 1533)
  • Grafici - Create Line, pie, bar and point graphs. Background gifs, manual and automatic scales. Legend on any side of graph, grids and many other options. (NT only) (Added: 9-Sep-1999 Hits: 2300)

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