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  • BeholderBoard Virtual Chess-set - BeholderBoard lets friends play chess on your web server. Features include: simple installation, an easy to use program, attractive graphics, illegal move rejection, password protection, SAN move list output, last move timelapse, and hidden boards. Only requires players' browsers to cope with simple Javascript. (Added: 3-May-1999 Hits: 3515)
  • CGI Chess - This script allows players to initiate and play games through a web page. It is not meant for real-time games, but facilitates correspondence games and allows others to watch. It can manage any number of games, displays a graphical chessboard, enforces the FIDE laws of chess, understands algebraic notation, and sends e-mail to opponents notifying them that a move was made. (Added: 3-May-1999 Hits: 3318)
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