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CGI Gurus Needed At Once!
CGI Gurus Needed At Once!

FREE Perl Code: Directories of site links
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  • DCLinks98 - DCLinks98 is a simple, two-layer, links index script. It allows you and your visitors to add your/their favorite URLs. Unlike Matt's Free for All Links script, which keep all the URL in an HTML page, the links data is stored in a pipe delimited flat database file. This allows you to quickly add/remove links. Like all other DCScripts programs, DCLinks98 script uses a template file for its display, making it easy for you to customize it for your web site. (Added: 8-Nov-1998 Hits: 3554)
  • direx-directory dino - direx-directory dino. run your own website directory with direx perl script. easy to setup. runs out of the box or ability to customize html layout for experienced webmasters. creates static html pages for low server load and good searchengine position. unlimited categorys, automatic check for double entry urls, searchable,sendmail......... (Added: 6-Jan-2003 Hits: 1501)
  • FreeLink - A powerful script allowing users to add their own links to a database. Includes security features to prevent "Submit Wolf" submissions. Checks for bad language (and adult sites), and prevents them from being added. Includes an admin utility to remove unwanted links and add/edit/delete categories. (Added: 3-Jun-1999 Hits: 3451)
  • G.FFA - Add a free for all links page to your site. Allow as many categorys as your want. (Added: 5-May-2001 Hits: 1746)
  • In-Link - In-link (Inlink) is a SQL link directory engine for running a Yahoo-style directory directly from your web site. This SQL directory management program features an SQL customizable database engine and can be used for directory management purposes, including storing, sorting and searching of information of any kind using links and categories. (Added: 17-Feb-2001 Hits: 1969)

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