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Get your project done quickly!

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  • RearSite - RearSite is an automated Web publishing tool allowing the management of files from a WWW user interface. RearSite has been written to give users the opportunity to update themselves their WWW personnal home pages without using any market product or FTP. An administrator creates users accounts (user name, user passwd, and user home directory), users get logged in and then receive access to their documents. RearSite is written in PERL (CGI.pm based) and use a FastCGI compliant HTTP server (like APACHE). (Added: 28-May-2000 Hits: 3905)
  • SPINE - SPINE is a webengine that allows you to create websites online by combining custom components. It consists out of so-called Modules, which provide the Object Orientated structure. The current version is purely for demonstrational purposes, and is considered unstable. (Added: 28-May-2000 Hits: 2178)

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Find CGI/Perl Help Today!

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