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Important features to look for: email notification to users when a response is posted for a message

  • AnyBoard - AnyBoard is a high-performance discussion board and onlime community program with vast number of features. Features include, threaded or non-threaded forums, chat, events, poll, sub categories, member registration and extended profile, file-upload, auto-thumbnail creation for uploaded images, private discussions, email validation, email list, email a friend, password retrieval, auto-blocking of abusers, message editing/rating, pre-moderation, and many many more. Free version is available for download. pop (Added: 6-Oct-2000 Hits: 8905)
  • BBMatic BBS for the Web - This script runs a simple Bulletin Board System. A user can post a question or comment and followup responses can be attached. pop (Added: 4-Nov-1998 Hits: 12043)
  • BillowBBS - Billow BBS, a powerful free Web based WWWBBS writen by PERL, supports almost all the features you have met in a Telnet BBS. Including articles, users(group and lever), group boards, boards, digests, mailbox, online state, realtime message, chat room, A.D. And all above can been managed online. The chat room is also powerful. A kindly interface, user managed room(Including the room title, kick\allow user, hide room, ren nickname, make new room......) pop (Added: 14-May-1999 Hits: 11644)
  • Aborior's EncoreLite II - An elegant message board to enliven your online community. Entirely template driven allowing complete customisation of every aspect of the forum, and coupled with easy themes for applying your own colours and styles. Subtopic icons, post summaries, full search features, printer friendly pages and a myriad of other options available. Moderate easily as you browse the forum, with option to review posts before their public display. Easy install gets you up and running painlessly by automatically uploading files and setting permissions for you. (Added: 7-Feb-2002 Hits: 6653)
  • Archive Maker for WWWBoard - Makes a archive file listing all messages from a WWWboard system in list or message number order. You can then ZIP the file for later download by your users. Configurable to later changes in wwwboard versions. (Added: 15-Jun-1999 Hits: 2735)

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